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Globe Chemie is a Manufacturer of Speciality chemicals and Intermediates
founded in 2004.

Company is  privately  owned  and  professionally  managed  enterprise  by a  team having
experience of more than two decades in the API and Chemical Industry.

Company’s corporate office is located in Pune and has setup a multipurpose manufacturing
facility locatd at Nasik 180km away from commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

Company is engaged  in  Manufacturing and marketing of fine chemicals and  intermediates
with  highly focused  on  3 strategic  business  segments –  Catalogue  chemicals  with  a
 range  of  over  1000  products,  Custom synthesis and Manufacturing on commercial scale
of fine chemicals and intermediates.

Our  special expertise  are in Boronic acids,  Azetidine,  Silane derivatives,  Boc and  FMOC
protected amino acids, Coupling reagents and intermediates.

Our  R&D team  includes  doctorates,  qualified  and  experienced  chemistry  professionals
and  are dedicated  to  effective realization of multi-step synthesis in laboratory,  pilot  and
 production  scale  to  synthesize  the  product  and  develop molecule according to specific
requirement of customers.

Globe Chemie firmly believes  in  it’s  Quality Management systems  and  other  regulatory
guidelines   issued   from  time  to  time  as an integral tool for consistency and reliability to
achieve customer satisfaction.  We  take  adequate  care  to  create  and   execute  proper
equipment   qualification ,   cleaning   validation  and   process  validation   to   ensure   full
satisfaction to our clients.

In  its  endeavor  to  become  global  leader, Globe Chemie has initiated work on obtaining
ISO9001:2008  certification.   As  part  of  its  commitment in  environmental protection, the
company will work on obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Globe Chemie vision is to emerge as a technology driven global company meeting different
challenges  for  offering  high quality products  with  timely delivery at competitive prices by
selection of best flexible methods in  Manufacturing and R & D Center.

With  a  continuous  and  timely  support  of  customers, Globe Chemie aims to become first
choice  of   the   customers  in   the  speciality  chemical  business  working  with   integrity,
transparency and ethics.